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Commonly Used TTC Abbreviations

So you’ve decided to expand your family and have a baby- Congratulations! Now what?

Aside from the obvious birds and bees speech, there’s quite a bit of information surrounding this topic. For some women, the first couple of tries work but for most of us, it takes a little (or a lot) more effort. I’m in no way an expert or medical professional but after trying to conceive without medical intervention for the past 4 years, I’ve learned a thing or to about this subject.

There’s a lot of abbreviations and lingo in the TTC community. Any TTC related search will more than likely pull up blogs or forums that look like a foreign language. Here’s a list of common terms to help get you started. (This list will be updated with any new terms used in my posts.)

  • 2WW- Two-week wait
  • AF- Aunt flow (menstrual period)
  • BBT- Basal body temperature
  • BD- Baby dance/ intercourse/ insemination
  • BFN- Big fat negative (pregnancy test)
  • BFP- Big fat positive (pregnancy test)
  • CD- Cycle day (charting)
  • CF/CM- Cervical fluid/ cervical mucus/ discharge
  • CH- Cross hairs (charting)
  • CL- Cover line (charting)
  • CP- Cervical position
  • D&C- Dilation and curettage (miscarriage)
  • D&E- Dilation and evacuation (miscarriage)
  • DH- Darling (dear) husband
  • DPO- Days past ovulation
  • DD/DS- Darling (dear) daughter/ son
  • DTD- Do the deed/ intercourse/ insemination
  • EDD- Estimated due date
  • EWCM- Egg-white cervical mucus
  • FF- Fertility Friend (charting app)
  • FSH- Follicle stimulating hormone
  • HPT Home pregnancy test
  • LH- Luteinizing hormone
  • LMP- Last menstrual period
  • LP- Luteal Phase
  • LSP- Low sperm count
  • MC or M/C- Miscarriage
  • O/ OV- Ovulation
  • OPK/ OPT- Ovulation predictor kit/ test
  • PG- Pregnant
  • POAS- Pee on a stick

Baby dust to all you mamas and future mamas!


Common Abbreviations for Trying to Conceieve

Common Abbreviations for Trying to Conceive


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  1. This is a great list. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is great! When I would have loved this when I first started trying. I’m sure you helped a lot of people out πŸ™‚


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