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Vibrant Wireless Bra Freebie (#PromoCode) **UPDATED**


The promo code is no longer active as it was intended for a small group.
From Vibrant Body Company Facebook page:



Free $89 wireless bra from Vibrant Body Company. Bra available in the following options:
Full Coverage or Medium Coverage
Pearl, Caramel, or Black
Sizes 34B-42D


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  1. WCRF2018

  2. Code doesn’t work.

  3. Well,I do have breast cancer. Bilateral mastectomy with recon. I can’t wear just any bra anymore. I had to give all my Victoria Secret bras away. It is a shame how people abused this. I would’ve loved to try it out.

    • I’m not a representative of the company but I would suggest emailing them and seeing if they can make an exception. I know they’re flooded with emails from the mix-up so it might take some time to get a response.

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